The history of our localities, towns and cities can shed light on the changes, movements and developments seen by society over time.

The activities below can be used alongside other local history resources, such as those on the Digital Salford website


At Salford Local History Library you can access other fascinating material including

  • census records
  • trade directories
  • books
  • newspaper articles and much more.

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The activity ideas below can be adapted for KS1-4  and different abilities, themes and geographical areas.


Starter Activity - Similarities and Differences

Ask pupils to think about what has changed and what has stayed the same. 

Ask them to work in groups to look at maps and photographs from different time periods and note similarities and differences.

  • Is there anything that stays the same on all the maps?
  • Which parts of the map have changed the most?

Ask each group  to look at similarities and differences in a particular area. For example: transport, roads, housing and industry.  You can ask them to think about:

  • Why things have changed or stayed the same.
  • How to back up their observations with research – what other sources could be used?

Plenary Activity - Historical Enquiry: Transport

Collect a selection of transport-related photographs from a source such and use the worksheet provided.

This activity can be adapted for use with other themes such as

  • shopping
  • industry
  • fashion
  • housing

Download the worksheet provided – instructions are included on it.